BREAKING…”S_ex Assault” victim begs Walter Magaya for forgiveness

Charity Dlodle -Walter Magaya

HARARE: One of Walter Magaya’s co-accusers has worn the metaphorical ‘Apolojersey’ and issued a public apology to the so called prophet.

Former Studio 263 actress Charity Dhlodhlo has publicly apologized to Magaya for ‘slandering’ him by claiming that he se_xually abused her and other women.

Dhlodhlo claims she was momentarily possessed by the devil, which led her to make false accusations against the self proclaimed man of God

The actress made waves last week when she claimed that Magaya had se_xually molested her as she was kneeling in prayer at his Harare office in Prospect.

Meanwhile, many viewers  believe that the usually confident Charity was forced to make the confession as she does appear to be “very disturbed” and reciting some prewritten script at gunpoint.

She previously claimed that thugs linked to Walter Magaya have been trying to kill her forcing the former actor to flee to Malawi.