MUSIC lovers were left scurrying for cover and survival after a Botswana-based promoter used pepper spray to disperse angry fans who were throwing missiles during a show.

Reports suggest several fans were injured while some even fell unconscious and vomited during the melee.

The show had Baba Harare and Ndunge Yut performing on Sunday at King Jagaban, in Botswana.

What started as a good day for the fans, turned ugly when the promoter delayed paying Baba Harare the remaining balance for him to perform.

Ndunge had already performed.

The stand-off angered fans who began to throw bottles in protest.

King Jagaban could not respond when H-Metro reached out to him to get his comment.

However, some fans were not happy and demanded an apology from the Nigerian promoter.

“The promoter ahasii kubhadara vanhu in time ask Kinna kana Calaz even Freeman vanokuudzai it’s not good. “How come unosprayer makavharika musina enough space?

“Vatiiuraira industry kuno, that Nigerian guy and his wife mahwani,” said a fan.

Another added:

“Baba Harare came to Botswana with Ndunge Yut and everything was well.

“Ndunge Yut performed first and all was well but Baba Harare could not perform without being fully paid.

“He didn’t show up in time nokuti mari yanga isati yapinda, so you know people who paid their money saw kuti nguva dzaenda around 3:30am.

“Around 3.30am, Baba Harare still didn’t show up and people started throwing bottles, like what happened kwaKiller T last year.

“The owner of the club brought pepper spray resulting in many fans becoming unconscious while others are still admitted.”

He added:

“The matter was reported to the police but, since these guys are powerful, the case was kept under the carpet.

“They are even threatening artists for being vocal and telling them not to say anything.”Another fan said:

“People started throwing bottles and we were in the VIP stand. Coming out of the VIP stand was a long process, so we were the most affected.“After spraying, the promoter then hid in the bar.

“He was trying to disperse people, but at the same time affecting us who were still inside.

“Many people were injured, some vomited but we were trying to talk to the promoter to apologise, but now he is threatening people.

“A lot of ladies were also hurt.”