With a number of rural schools recording 0% pass rate for Grade 7 final exams, the future of Zimbabwe’s education does not look good if things don’t change. As usual citizens have largely blamed Harare for failing to improve the country’s education which was once the envy of the world.

But government elements among them Mr George Charamba aka Jamwanda have taken to social media to blame the opposition, rural teachers and trade unions for failing the country.

In a series of twits, Charamba blamed the opposition MDC, ARTUZ and PTUZ for the disaster:

One lie which errant unions in the education sector are selling us is a causal link between schools infrastructure and pupil performance. This is a blue lie. Some Rural schools with good infrastructure delivered very bad results, thanks to their desultory teachers. Others with modest infrastructures delivered some of the best results, thanks to their dedicated staff. Tell no lies ARTUZ, PTUZ. You are criminals!!!

Artuz is not a vulnerable community. It is an irresponsible pseudo-union behind which MDC organizes. Spare me that crap!!!!

The Zimsec Analysis for results of a year blighted by COVID-19 and MDC-inspired ARTUZ. Let’s Mask Up, show discipline and commitment so we don’t lose 2021 again!!!!


George Charamba

But other people including ruling party allies like Professor Lovemore Madhuku have blamed President Mnangagwa’s government for the rot.

Madhuku described the pathetic pass-rate recorded in the 2020 Grade 7 examinations as a national disaster which calls for every citizen to play a part in restoring the once flourishing education sector.

Madhuku who is also a constitutional law expert said the 38 percent passrate recorded causes him pains as he himself is a beneficiary of a solid primary education which has now been eroded by governance.

“The less than 38% pass rate for the 2020 Grade 7 results causes me pain. It is a national disaster. I am what I am because of a solid primary school education. The results are a call to national duty: I will find a way of contributing to the improvement of our education system,” said Madhuku.

Further probed by Twitter users, Madhuku hit directly at the government saying it had failed the nation.

“It is a political problem: the Government has failed us here,” added the University of Zimbabwe law professor.

Madhuku said he will use his presence in the Political Actors Dialogue to push for a solution so as to stop the further damage to the country’s education system.