If there’s one thing that main opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa continues to give to the people of Zimbabwe, that thing is- HOPE!!

From the promise of bullet trains and spaghetti roads to a country flowing with milk and honey, Chamisa continues to give hard-pressed Zimbabweans hope for a better future.

And, in a Friday morning tweet, in which he thanked people from the landlocked southern African nation for the ‘unconditional support’ they continue to give to the cause of the opposition, Chamisa assured Zimbabwe that ‘change is coming’.

“THANK YOU for all your unconditional support. Many are working tirelessly behind the scenes in multiple and different ways to realize and consummate a New Great Zimbabwe – the land of milk and honey. We shall be happy and prosperous. Change Is coming! Let’s WIN BIG! #RegisterToVote,” he tweeted.

Chamisa is expected to give incumbent Zimbabwe leader and Zanu PF presidential candidate, Emmerson Mnangagwa, a good run for his money in harmonised elections expected in six months’ time.

In 2018, Chamisa controversially lost to Mnangagwa in a disputed presidential race dismissed as a ‘sham’ by various international observers.