Renowned Zimbabwean investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono says the fact that former Citizens Coalition for Change president Nelson Chamisa made mistakes doesn’t justify Sengezo Tshabangu’s ‘criminal’ act.

He was commenting on one X follower who said: “It’s easy to blame Sengezo but if Chamisa had put in place structures and a constitution Tshabangu wouldn’t have emerged. Tshabangu seized the moment, if it wasn’t him it would have been someone else.”

In response Chin’ono said:

“That is a different argument which has its own merits, however Nelson Chamisa’s mistakes shouldn’t be used to sanitise a criminal act of removing democratically elected officials.

“If I leave my car door unlocked and someone steals my phone, you have every right to blame me for not locking my car, but that right DOESN’T exonerate the thief who opened my car door and stole my phone!

“So Chamisa’s tragic mistakes shouldn’t be used as an alibi for letting Tshabangu and his handlers off the hook, what they did was criminal, immoral and it struck a blow at the heart of electoral democracy!

“They stole the will of the people, they deprived citizens of their right to parliamentary and council representation!”