The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) led by Nelson Chamisa is ‘preparing to take over’ Zimbabwe, the opposition party’s legislator has said.

In his remarks posted on social media after touring the Gwayi-Shangani Dam yesterday, Binga North Member of Parliament Prince Dubeko Sibanda, the main opposition party is on course of taking over the country.

“Yesterday I led a CCC Interim provincial leaders to view the Gwayi-Shangani dam. We are preparing taking over this country,” said Dubeko-Sibanda who is also the CCC provincial chairperson for Matabeleland North.

Zwnews has picked up some of the responses to MP Sibanda’s remarks. Read On:

  • You will take over this country in your dreams. Are you not ashamed to go & view a ZANU PF Government project? Come 2023 you & @nelsonchamisa will lose the election.– @ChihotaElijah
  • Correction. It’s not a ZANU PF project. It’s a national project started by the colonial gvt in 1912– @DubekoSibanda
  • Shungu unadzo kwazvo at least vezhira vako vanewe, but Binga & Harare alone are not enough. Just look at political map as illustrating representatives in Parliament & get the sad picture. It is achievements like the one u visited that shall eat into CCC votes in 2023.– @ChinyandeGeorge
  • If it took you 20 years to complete a retrofit project of a library in Kuwadzana, where will you acquire the capacity to carry out mega civil engineering projects? Hauhwi kusvoda here kana uchimema munda wemunhu wawakapumha divisi? Asi unoroya?– @tapiwa_mudadi
  • This is a subtle way of appreciating that The New Dispensation has hold the ground so firmly that you failed to notice. You thought it’s hear say and decided to be eye witnesses. Good Move… Next come to New Parliament in harare….RGM Int Airport, The list goes on & on.– @DispensationNew
  • Just yesterday Chamisa was forcED to acknowledge our very high standard of education while speaking at Magaisa memorial and today its you gloating over ED works. Mati madii– @mampara10000
  • I thought you guys said nothing is being done in the country? You guys had to sneak in on a Sunday afternoon pretending to be passers by but now lying to us as if you are recognised by anyone! Try going there with those ppl during the day, vashandi varipo? Inova nhoroondo…– @chakaInvincible