Mai Titi recently shared her “near death” encounter when she crossed paths with controversial celebrity makeup artist Deliwe Mutandiro who was recently arrested for allegedly masterminding and covering up the murder of her husband Gregory Tawanda Bobo.

Deliwe was arrested together with her sister Debra Fungai Mutandiro(38) named in police reports as her accomplice and partner in crime.

Following news that Deliwe has been arrested in connection with her husband’s murder, Mai Titi decided to post online details of how Deliwe once threatened her as they exchanged words over leaked pictures of Mai Titi’s wedding dress.

Mai Titi claims that Deliwe dared her to come to where she was telling her, “don’t dare with what you do not know…I will show you the other side of me.”

Mai Titi said:

So after I did a live asking her why she had to leak my pictures. She called me on my line and said don’t dare with what you do not know.

If you have guts come to were I am right now I will show you the other side of me .
Background were people shouting you messed with wrong people, your days are numbered .
I almost went to face her but something told me Don’t go .
I would have been RIP right now .
Not everything beautiful you see is beautiful some people are beautiful Monsters .
Those words keep ringing in my head
Commenting on the post, a follower told Mai Titi that she could have been killed if she had visited Deliwe’s place.
For sure muraa.look at the husband now he died coz he followed her where she was and saw unexpected things,#wife doing pole dance zvakaoma hazvo

Tawanda Gregory Bobo’s body was found dangling from a guava tree(pictured) at his Greendale house on Saturday.

The body had two neck-ties and a pair of trousers, soiled with faeces, was found near a garbage pit in the backyard.

He was 41.