ZANU PF Patriots Citizens Coalition for Change CCC president Nelson Chamisa will replace Movement for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai president Douglas Mwonzora as leader of opposition in Parliament.

The ruling party says Chamisa will lose the presidential election to Zanu PF leader President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, but will be the main opposition in Parliament.

In countries that have adopted the Westminster model of parliamentary government, the post of Leader of the Opposition is a semi-official parliamentary post given to the leader of the main opposition party or group in Parliament.

The post is largely symbolic, but the symbolism is very important.

The Constitution, in section 151, makes “the Leader of the Opposition in each House” [i.e. the Senate and the National Assembly] members of the parliamentary Committee on Standing Rules and Orders.

Order 14 of the National Assembly’s Standing Rules and Orders makes the Leader of the Opposition a member of another important committee, the Business of the House Committee.

The Parliamentary Salaries, Allowances and Benefits Act, in section 6, provides for a salary and other benefits to be paid to the leader of the opposition.

Despite, Chamisa being the main opposition leader in Zimbabwe, Mwonzora had been recognized for