In remarks that have been described as treasonous by some internet users, a former Zanu PF cabinet Minister has reportedly described main opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader, Nelson Chamisa as ‘to small to be saluted’ by Zimbabwe’s army generals.

In a Twitter account attributed to him, former Minister of Home Affairs, Ignatius Chombo, who also served as the ruling party’s secretary of Administration, said the army generals are waiting for their turn at the country’s presidency.

While referring to the generals as ‘men of war’, Chombo said even if Zanu PF loses in an election against the CCC, there was no way that the generals would let power go without a fight.

The remarks come at a time when Zimbabweans are this year expected to vote in potentially explosive harmoniseelections.

Below, we publish some of the responses to Chombo’s post:

Saka musoro kuchena kunge rice kudaro hamuna chirimo, long bek ana sorojena where known sevanhu vanofunga and iro rinonzi Chombo rakatozara madhoti mumusoro haro– #Boss Kedar

Mind u ,the most corrupt minister during Mugabe era u have pending issues trade it carefully– The Rozvi Emperor

This is treasonous statement that should be taken serious @PoliceZimbabwe— The political harbinger

Inga baba imi munonyadzisa these generals should be prepared to serve any president chosen by the people. The fact that you think this way I am no doubt that Zanupf has been rigging elections to please them. I want a professional army not partisan for a progressive country.– #PeoplePower_Ourpower