On Monday, Nelson Chamisa, the leader of the CC party, conveyed his optimism about emerging victorious in the elections scheduled for August 23rd. He informed his followers that he is already in the process of shaping his Cabinet, as reported by NewsDay.

Addressing a multitude of supporters during the party’s conclusive gathering at Harare’s Robert Mugabe Square, Chamisa encouraged thousands to remain within the allowed 300-meter vicinity of the polling stations after casting their votes. This measure, he emphasized, was essential to prevent any potential electoral malfeasance. Chamisa stated:

God has remembered Zimbabwe. Congratulations Zimbabwe. God’s plan will never fail. I have already started formulating my Cabinet…

There is no way we will not [win]. Some people think there is going to be a repeat of 2018. Not this time. We are not donor-funded. We are funded by the citizens.

We will not accept failure by ZEC [Zimbabwe Electoral Commission] to fix V11s on polling stations. We will start the celebrations on Thursday.

Tomorrow [Tuesday] we are tying up loose ends. We have managed to provide polling agents to all 12 374 polling stations…

Let’s guard against theft. Let’s stay at the polling stations, 300 metres away and guard against the theft of our vote.

There is no rigging that they can do that we are not aware of.

Chamisa accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa of gerrymandering electoral boundaries and imposing double candidates on the CCC.

He also met foreign dignitaries and a former head of state ahead of the crucial election.

Chamisa posted:

Had a fruitful engagement with the Chinese delegation on elections and building a solid future based on mutual cooperation

@ChineseZimbabwe..Chamisa, CCC