Popular politician Nelson Chamisa has celebrated Africa Day with the vision of a United States of Africa.

Posting on his X handle, Chamisa advocated for unity in currency, borders, visas, trade, and government.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY AFRICA..A United States of Africa in our lifetime!!
#OneAfrica, OneCurrency, OneBorder and OneVisa.

“OneTrade, OneVoice, OneVision, OneGovernment. Yes, this is the #NewAfrica. The future of Africa is in our hands.”

Apparently, the same vision was advocated for by Ghana’s late founding leader Kwame Nkuruma.

Regional integration and international cooperation is a fundamental goal that most countries in the world strive to achieve.

In Africa, the struggle for unity and integration has been on for many decades with mixed reactions.

The defunct Organization of African Unity (OAU), now transformed to African Union (AU) is a manifestation of such struggles.

However, the most recent agitation for greater unity is the quest to create a supranational political union to be called the United States of Africa (USA).

Advocates of the supranational political union believe that, it will immensely promote peace and development in the crisis ridden continent.

If achieved the United States of Africa vision is set to benefit the continent in that it will give Africa a strong voice at international forums and promote development within the region, but there are unfortunately several factors that make the realization of the unification agenda currently not feasible.

The main reason being that, African states which put high stakes on protecting their sovereignty, will be reluctant to surrender their treasured possession to a supranational body.

More so, the continent is dogged with internal conflicts, structural poverty, and bad governance, among others.