A cellphone dealer was recently dragged to court by his ex-lover over US $135 maintenance for one child.

Barbara Muzerengwi told the court that her former lover Thomas Mangwiro has not been taking care of the child since birth.

“Your worship he is failing to look after only two children with the other one from his new wife. He gets more than $200 monthly from his business.

“I want $40 for rentals, $20 electricity and water, $35 food, $20 medication and $20 clothes,” she said.

Mangwiro who is now married to another woman said the demanded money is exorbitant as he is not formally employed.

In passing sentence Gweru Magistrate Elizabeth Magomore said Mangwiro is not formally employed and his earnings per month are not reliable.

The magistrate also noted that keeping the child is the responsibility of both parents hence they both contribute towards the upkeep of their child.

Magistrate Magomore ordered Mangwiro to pay $50 to Muzerengwi’s bank account with effect from June 1.

state media