A Gweru cheating driver brewed a shocker to his suing live in girlfriend in civil court after revealing that he is a married man with three children.

He was being sued US$ 80.

Gamuchirai Mhoya was taken aback to receive the news that her lover Motion Chiweshe is a married man with three kids.

Mhoya told the court that, “I am a shopkeeper and earn $120 monthly. I can contribute $80 towards our child so l want us to meet half way with the father.”

Chiweshe said the amount demanded is too excessive since he gets paid through commission.

“Your worship I am a mere driver earning at least $200 per month through commissions. I am not comfortable with the amount being demanded since l am not formerly employed.

“Gamuchirai is my small house of which l has a wife at home with three children. I am comfortable with paying maintenance of $40,” he said.

Gweru Magistrate Elizabeth Magomore ordered Chiweshe to pay $50 maintenance with effect from June 30.

state media