Tinashe Zisengwe

A Harare man (30) was recently caught on Closed Circuit Television trying to escape with a $ 1, 67 cheese from a Spar Supermarket in Mutare.

Fletcher karombe prosecuting said Edwin Mukarakate of Epworth Suburb in Harare entered the supermarket around 13:45 hours on April 30 and stole Deli Cheese and hid it in his jacket before he tried to exit without paying.

Mukarakate was seen on CCTV by the control room manager who then rushed and intercepted him at the door.

The cheese then fell from the jacket leading to the supermarket officials to report the matter to the police.

Mukarakate has since appeared in court facing theft charges which he admitted to saying he was hungry.

“Your worship l was hungry and l was coming from Mozambique. I had visited Zimbabwe to see my in-laws ,” said the thief.

Mutare Magistrate Perseverance Makala he was sentenced to 10 days imprisonment or an option to pay a $20 fine.