Tinashe Zisengwe

While most people are shunning public transport these days, a man who was bound for Mutare will definitely prefer them after he recently witnessed horror being robbed a $ 300 valuable cellphone before being thrown outside a car he had boarded.

Chid Tauzeni was robbed while on his way to Mutare by four accomplices two of them females.

Manicaland Police Spokesperson Luxson Chananda confirmed the incident to the press.

“On the 27th of April, Tauzeni boarded silver Toyota Corolla Bubble at 4th street in Harare which was heading to Mutare.

“On the same date at about 5:30 pm near Rusape tollgate one of the accused persons sitting on the front seat instructed Tauzeni to surrender all his possessions and he refused.

“The second accused then grabbed him and took all his belongings. The driver later stopped the vehicle and forcibly pushed Tauzeni out of the vehicle,” said Asst Insp Chananda.

Tauzeni is reported to have lost his Hauwei Y3 cellphone   as well as his identity particulars.

He reported the matter at Rusape Central Station but nothing was recovered.

This comes at a time when another man from Rusape was also robbed at gun point during the same week by two suspects who had offered him a lift to Harare.