The Citizens Coalition for Change CCC has won the Chipinge ward 16 and Kariba Ward 5 by-elections.

However, the CCC says there were attempts by the ruling party ZANU PF to rig the election in Chipinge.

“At the Chipinge by-election, Zanu PF thugs are forcing citizens to say they cannot vote & pose as “assisted voters.”

“They are being forced to take pictures of their ballot slips. Those who’ve voted are being interrogated about who they voted for,” posted CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere.

Meanwhile, she said the party continues to demand electoral reforms as seen by their polling agents who were alert & swiftly challenged electoral irregularities that should never take place if the playing field is fair.

She added that CCC won despite the odds & is taking steps to ensure these malpractices aren’t repeated in 2023.

She thanked party supporters:

“Thank you, citizens, for yet another landslide victory for the yellow movement. Despite intimidation, vote buying & attempts to rig, you chose change in Kariba & Chipinge.

“We won both by-elections emphatically. Thank you polling agents for defending the vote.”