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Of late some armed robbers have been targeting cash-in-transit vehicles, hitting them and getting away with large sums of money, amid a disclosure that some of them are ill-equipped to the extent of using toy guns while transporting clients’ money.

At some point, some cash in transit officers has even been seen delivering cash armed with pocket knives. This reporter once witnessed this in Marondera where money was being delivered to a supermarket, with the transit security officers armed with knives.

Police has registered concern over robberies involving cash in transit vehicles, in some cases implicating members of security companies contracted to transport the money.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has disclosed that some of these companies are ill equipped, while others are well-armed security companies, but have semi-automatic guns which cannot be used during public shootouts as they can leave a lot of casualties.

The police, said it is surprising that after a series of armed robberies in and around the city, there is not even one security company which has had to exchange fire with robbers.

The security companies are said to be living in the past, employing security guards who are too old and unfit to respond to modern security concerns.

-Zwnews/ Chronicle