There were episodes of free drama in Bulawayo when a man allegedly stole a vehicle, hit three vehicles that were in a fuel queue after attempting to flee an angry mob.

Wilber Gundane (24)  allegedly tried to speed off in a Honda Fit vehicle that belonged to a vendor, Mr Febias Chizhande (25).

Prosecuting, Ms Caroline Matanda said Mr Chizhande who had left his car unlocked in order to serve a customer saw Gundane struggling to start his vehicle and rushed to stop him.

“Mr Chizhande grabbed the steering wheel from outside. Gundane finally managed to start the motor vehicle and drove towards Robert Mugabe Way while Mr Chizhande was clinging onto the steering,” said the prosecutor

The two wrestled resulting in the vehicle crashing into another vehicle that was in a fuel queue.

“Gundane turned right into Robert Mugabe Way where he hit two more vehicles which were parked at the entrance to Crystal Bar and the vehicle came to a stop,” she said.

Gundane was then attacked by an angry mob that was nearby and was arrested.