MDC-T Secretary for Information and Publicity, Witness Dube, has come under fire after he made what appears to be a xenophobic attack to people of Malawian origin. This happened after people made fun of his statement on Nelson Chamisa’s state of the nation address that mentioned the main opposition boss, a staggering 13 times.

When people asked him about his reaction to Chimisa’s statement, Dube said;

This was just a diversion to take attention away from the twelve points I made, and from the Malawian who had earlier called all Zimbabweans in Chipinge witches!

Responding to the “Malawian” reference, one social media user said Dube is xenophobic:

You are losing it Witness calling Tendai Biti a Malawian is xenophobic & discriminatory. We expect better from you as the spokesperson for MDC-T

Biti who is Movement for Democratic Change-Alliance Vice President yesterday swallowed his pride and apologised to fellow lawyer, Lovemore Madhuku for his tweet implying that Chipinge residents practice witchcraft.

Biti and Madhuku were arguing on Twitter over a certain Constitutional narrative and its interpretation, when the MDC Alliance VP made the sentiments, which attracted a backlash for him.

He later deleted the tweet and apologised;

Throughout my life I have fought discrimination injustice exclusion & alienation. My legal career has been predominantly an attempt to use the law as an instrument of social justice & as a defender of human rights.

A murderous regime & its cronies cannot change that The rights of our people, the rights of Ethnic Minorities in our Zim is an issue so key to our struggle & the political party I proudly belong.

On Thursday in Parliament we will lead a motion that will undress regime’s mistreatment & abuse of ethnic minorities. We will not rest In conclusion & for the avoidance of doubt I regret my tweet with Lovemore and am sorry for its pub stereotype banter.