Cabinet considered and approved the implementation of Eaziflush Sanitation Technology for waste management in Peri-urban and Rural communities to improve Sanitation.

Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Zimbabwe, Monica Mutsvangwa disclosed this during post cabinet briefing yesterday.

Eazi Flush is a toilet used to convert Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) and urine diversion toilets to a flush system.

The toilet can be connected to an existing piped sewer network or operate as a pour flush or low flush toilet in areas with no piped water available. When used as a pour flush toilet the Eazi flush requires 2 liters per flush.

Eazi Flush provides a sanitation facility which is safe, reliable, private, protected from the weather and ventilated, keeps smells to the minimum, is easy to keep clean, minimises the risk of the spread of sanitation-related diseases.

This technology is therefore expected to facilitate the appropriate control of disease carrying flies and pests and enable safe and appropriate treatment and/or removal of human waste and wastewater in an environmentally sound manner.