Commercial se_x workers in Bulawayo operating from Manor Hotel have invaded and colonised the United Pentecostal Church (UPC) premises which are directly opposite the hotel.The shameless women are now using the church as a free lodge.

An eyewitness who is also a congregant at UPC confirmed that he once caught red handed se_x workers and their clients in the tabooed act inside the church building.

“I caught them several times having se_x inside the church and their acts are deplorable and have defiled the church. Whenever I chase them they come back later at night,” said Mpofu.

Another resident Mandla Moyo has been picking used co_ndoms inside the church.

“When I’m doing the cleaning in the morning I usually pick up used co_ndoms and tissues inside the church,” he said.

“There is no way we can put a stop to this unbecoming act in the house of God, after the departure of Sister Hasen who used to monitor this place. The church is no longer locked,” he said.

UPC Superintendent (Overseer) Reverend Clifford Makandise said they no longer own the building because it was taken over by Terracotta — a company that won a tender to construct Egodini Mall since the building is in the vicinity.

“We handed it over to Terracotta authorities, that’s what I can say only,” he said.

An official at Terracotta, Thabani Moyo said they had been made aware of the situation and it would be addressed soon.

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