THE trial of a forex dealer, who is accused of diverting US$30 000 meant to buy goods in South Africa to pay lobola, got underway yesterday.

Rangarirai Shumbairerwa, (28), is facing a theft of trust property charge after he allegedly failed to pay back the money to the complainant, Tamai Dadirai.

He appeared before Harare magistrate, Ethel Chichera, who deferred proceedings to June 25, for trial continuation.

Dadirai  said she met Rangarirai in October last year and handed him the US$30 000 at Nyahokwe Mall, at the corner of First Street and George Silundika, in Harare’s CBD.

She told the court that the money was meant to order goods, which included clothes and blankets, which would be sold in her two shops at the mall.

However, she said she never received any confirmation of the electronic transaction from Rangarirai, who has been dodging her calls since.

Dadirai said she was later informed by Rangarirai, after seven days, that he had used the money for other things and this was after he had thrown a lavish traditional wedding.

She said Rangarirai pleaded with her to pay back the money in instalments but he hasn’t paid even a cent in the past six months.

Dadirai told the court that she has been doing the same business with Rangarirai, involving the same huge amounts of money, since 2022.

In his defence, Rangarirai claimed he received the money, in question, from Dadirai’s ex-husband, Salisio Janyure.

Janyure is a member of the Air Force of Zimbabwe, who divorced Dadirai through an uncontested divorce in May last year.

He said he signed an acknowledgement of debt with Janyure and the US$30 000 was rather advanced to him as a loan.

The State will call two more witnesses.

Zebediah Bofu appeared for the State.