Uebert Angel has sided with Bushiri after Zimbabwean based preacher Pastor Passion Java’s death prophecy revealed that the Malawian clergyman will not celebrate the coming new year.

This fallows a controversial video message by Java predicting that Shphered Bushiri will die in December.

Speaking during a live broadcast on his website, Good News World, Uebert Angel said that there are different ranks in the prophetic realm and some prophets are allowed to prophesy about other prophets.

”Listen and never listen about any nonsense about anybody prophesying nonsense, never.
They are levels in the prophetic, they are other prophets who are not even allowed to prophecy about other prophets, then they are people who are not even prophets who are not even allowed to prophecy.
Just because they use the name prophet doesn’t mean they are prophets. They are fake prophets out there taking advantage of names that are big,” said Angel.