Opposition car burnt last night in Kuwadzana surburb in Harare

Harare –The Zimbabwe Human Rights Association (ZimRights) is gravely concerned by the rise in political conflict in Zimbabwe, which led to the burning of a vehicle belonging to the opposition MDC-T Youth Assembly at a car park in Kuwadzana in Harare last night.

In an apparent response to the protest held by the opposition MDC-T youths in Harare on Wednesday to call for electoral reforms, arsonists believed to be linked to the ruling party Zanu-PF burnt vehicles belonging to the Assembly last night.

ZimRights condemns these acts of violence and warns of the possibility of more conflict ahead of the forthcoming elections in 2018 if the concerns of electoral reforms are not addressed.

Given that Zimbabwe has previously witnessed worse election-related violence, these alarming incidences and political developments should be taken seriously by the international community to avert a slide into more violence.

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