The MDC T Youth Assembly condemns the excesses of the police today ,12 July 2017, where heavily armed police officers brutally crushed our peaceful demonstration in Harare CBD and in the process also harrassed journalists covering our demonstration.We witnessed the cruel spraying and watercanoing of the Aljazera Correspondent which we wish to condemn in the strongest of terms.

We hereby call for the immediate resignation of Police Boss who continues to preside over a grouping of people who have no respect for the constitution of the land.We will in due course petition the relevant bodies and the courts of the land to ensure that we practicalise our demand.

It is sad to note that under the watch of Chihuri , the Zimbabwe Republic Police has continued to act as agents of Satan by continously harrassing Zimbabweans to the levels that would make even the notorious NAZI Special Forces green with envy.It is sad that the same ruthless tactics used by a racist Smith regime are being used by our own black government 37 years after Independence.

Chihuri has shown beyond doubt that he is not capable of tranaforming our police into a 21st Century Police Service that respects thw rule of law and people”s democratic right to demonstrate.

No amount of fear and harrassment will break our determination to push for the levelling of the electoral playing ground.

For And On Behalf Of The MDC T Youth Assembly

Lovemore Chinoputsa
Youth Secretary General.