The Bulawayo-Victoria Falls highway has become a death trap for motorists and the public as more potholes emerge due to the heavy rains being experienced across the country.
Driving along the highway is as good as dicing with death, especially for those that do so at night.

Journalists caught up with motorists whose vehicles had breakdowns after hitting potholes on the highway.

The motorists expressed both concern and disappointment that there is no effort being done to fill up the potholes as a temporary control measure.

Being the gateway to premier tourist resorts, the poor state of the highway also paints an ugly image of the country.

Most of the main roads in Matabeleland North province need rehabilitation with the Bulawayo-Nkayi and Bulawayo-Tsholotsho being the worst damaged while Bulawayo-Victoria Falls and Binga highways that experience heavy traffic flows have become a huge threat to travellers.