Bulawayo City Council is engaging residents and other stakeholders on its plans to expand the Central Business District into the two bordering low-density areas of Khumalo and Suburbs.

This is in a bid to commercialise them.

Bulawayo Metropolitan Province is located in the south west of the country, and is the second largest City in Zimbabwe.

It is home to about 653 337 people and the population comprises of both sexes of different nationalities although the majority are local Zimbabweans (figures as at 2012).

The Province is strategically located and consequently forms the axis of road and rail network links to the rest of the country and the southern African region providing important railway linkages to South Africa, Botswana and Zambia.

It is also the manufacturing and industrial centre with a large presence of heavy industries.

Bulawayo is a multicultural city inhabited by people of the various ethnic groups in Zimbabwe such as the Ndebele who are a majority, shona, Tonga, Kalanga, Venda and Sotho.

Its diversity is also in the wide range of leisure and recreational activities it has to offer from sports facilities, gardens, cultural centres, art and craft and lodges, nature reserves and its proximity to some of the most sensational national tourist attractions such as Victoria Falls and Hwange national Park.