CCC at Nomination Court, Bulawayo Tredgold Magistrate Court

Latest: The CCC parliamentary candidates are now presenting their identification to the PEO and other documentation. The party has issued statement that: “Our MPs in Bulawayo are in the process of filing their nomination papers with some minor technical challenges that caused a slight delay. However, our team has resolved the issue, and we are pleased to announce that all 12 constituencies in Bulawayo will be represented by our Citizens’ candidates.”

All 12 CCC MPs reportedly submitted paperwork on time but ZEC officials said the 2 signatories were not the ones on record. The candidates now have the correct signatures but the court is full inside and out with candidates from other smaller parties and independents still waiting to file. Unclear if court will accept amended papers.

Cite: Felix Mafa Magalela from CCC is trying to submit papers. The Provincial Elections Officer is telling him he missed the deadline and there will be no new submissions. This is a similar occurence for other CCC candidates as Eric Gono, Pashor Sibanda who were told to fix page 5 of their nomination forms. The PEO says, “ it’s those who come late that know their papers are in order. If not sure, you must come early.”

State media: Just 15 minutes before the closure of the Nomination Court, Bulawayo Tredgold Magistrate Court is still a hive of activities with many candidates still to file their papers. CCC candidates who could not submit their nomination papers earlier in the day are among the candidates trying to submit their papers.

According to Zec, candidates who are will be in the building at 4PM, will still be served post the scheduled closing time. And as things stands, it seems its going to be a long night.


#BulawayoNomCourt: The PEO says about 20 candidates left their nomination papers earlier and said they were going to look for money. Upto now at 6:45 pm they have not returned. MP candidates are supposed to pay US$1 000 as nomination fees or ZWL equivalent.