Police authorities have said a Bulawayo woman who connived with a friend to write an examination on behalf of her pal has been arrested.

The incident occured at Mncumbata Secondary School, according to the police.

In comments posted on its official Twitter handle, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) mistakenly wrote that the exam cheating fracas happened on 30 July when it intended to say 30 June- the day which marked the beginning of both Ordinary and Advanced Level public examinations.

“A Bulawayo woman was arrested at Mncumbata Secondary on 30/07/20 (sic) after conniving to write ZIMSEC examinations for a friend. An alert invigilator verified the candidate number and the name leading to the arrest of the suspect,” said the police, while signing off with the hashtag #notocrime.

Cases of exam cheating are not new to Zimbabwe.

In worst scenarios, papers are leaked to students- even weeks before they are supposed to be written.

more details to follow…