A Midlands-based music producer-cum-recording artist has called upon Zimbabwean authorities to expeditiously clampdown on citizens who are dealing in the illegal sale of the interdicted Chrystal Methamphetamine, known in street lingo as Mutoriro.

Speaking to Zwnews at his Real Shuezy Records in Kwekwe this Tuesday, outspoken music producer and artist, Ata Fayah (real name Artwell Museva) said it was pertinent for the Zimbabwe Government to ensure that it ‘deals with’ criminals engaging in the peddling of dangerous drugs such as chrystal meth ‘before the people perish’.

“Since the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdowns, you will realise that the abuse of intoxicating drugs by the youths reached alarming levels. The coronavirus-induced closure of schools also exposed most of our youths to Mutoriro and this has negatively affected our communities. We now have a high number of thieving youths who have been rampaging the society, ” said Ata Fayah.


“At Real Shuezy, we have a policy that strictly bars our artists from using drugs, especially the widely abused chrystal meth. Music, in particular, has an influential role towards the shaping of the society and we oftentimes censor lyrical content that we deem as promoting abuse of drugs. Here in Kwekwe, the youths predominantly use Mutoriro and this has witnessed a surge in criminal activities that are usually committed in darkness. The police must also shoulder responsibility for this plague which has bedeviled our ghettos, ” the 27-year told entertainer said.

Latest statistics reveal that over 30% of the young population abusing the crystal methamphetamine, otherwise referred to as Gukamakafella, hwevo, ice or glass in street lingo.

According to Dr Clancy Taiwa Nyamakure, a medical practitioner and forensic tests expert, who is also serving as Assistant Commissioner in the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), a study on prevalence of the use of chrystal meth concluded that 30 percent of the country’s youths are partaking the banned Mutoriro.

“The increase of admissions at mental health institutions and outcry from social media also pointed to the number of people using the crystal methamphetamine,” Dr Nyamukure told a court while testifying against a Harare man who admitted  to possessing the drug recently.

He said chrystal meth was being smuggled from India, Brazil and other Asian countries.

The drug is made in a laboratory using pseudoephedrine which is a parent drug that is combined with others.

“It is classified as amphetamine which contains a chemical structure that looks like amphetamine. Medically, it is used as metamorphic in the treatment of obesity or hyper-disorder. It is toxic to the brain. The one in the streets is added with impurities, making it a poison,” said Dr Nyamakure.

“It has effects that are physical, psychiatric and economic and social.

“Worldwide it is one of the most dangerous drugs that exists as it is highly addictive, develop tolerance quickly and there is high dependence,” said AssComm Nyamakure.

“You need more within a short period of time. When you try to stop them, you get withdrawal symptoms that are dangerous”.

Crystal meth is a psycho stimulant that arouses the brain, leaving one feeling hyper-active.

The drug damages part of the brain, causes hallucinations and can cause seizures.

It can also raise or reduce one’s blood pressure, which can cause death.

Editorial: Nyashadzashe Majoni