VIDEO: A Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Services Officer has threatened journalist Frank Chikowore by corking and pointing a gun at him for recording Job Sikhala, and Hopwell Chin’ono video at court this afternoon.

Chikowore was among reporters covering the story of arrested journalist Chin’ono and MDC Alliance senior leader Sikhala.

However, while he was busy taking a video of the situation at the court as they arrive, a prison Officer corked his gun and pointed it at Chikowore, threatening him.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights has condemned the incident;

“This is how journalists are treated by Zimbabwe Prisons & Correctional Service in Zimbabwe.

“Freelance journalist Frank Chikowore was saved from being shot by a prison officer today at Harare Magistrates Court while recording a video as @daddyhope & Hon. Sikhala arrived at court.”

And the Zimbabwe National Editors’ Forum chair Dumisani Muleya said law enforcement agents must not harass journalists doing their job.

“As Zinef, we would like to urge law enforcement agents to respect journalists doing their job. What happened to Chikowore is unacceptable,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chin’ono has further remanded in custody until 18 January 2021, when his bail application will be heard in court.

Detective Sergeant Davison Ngezi told Magistrate Nduna that Sikhala mustn’t be released on bail as he has a propensity to commit offences & says the charge he is facing is a serious offence which might induce the legislator to abscond standing trial.

Court Video