Social media is buzzing with news that the Zimbabwe Supreme Court today ruled that Hon Thokozani  Khupe is not MDC President.

A video posted on Byonews and social media sites also said the Supreme Court concluded that the High Court should determine if she(Khupe) is entitled to use party symbols and logo.

It added, the Judges said “Advocate Nelson Chamisa’s Presidency cannot be decided by courts of law but must be subjected to the people.”

The news is accompanied with a short clip of Chamisa’s lawyer,  Advocate Thabani Mpofu  saying the following:

“The key issue now means Chamisa as President of the party did not lose in High Court after the court of appeal has overturned that judgement. Chamisa triumphed. What the Supreme court has said was that courts do not decide or rule in terms of political leaders but people chose own leaders”

“Now there are substantive issues the court must dwell on, the issue of party logo, symbol and trademarks, whether Dr. Thokozani Khupe will be allowed to use by the High Court”

ZwNews could not verify the date and time stamp of the video.

source: byonews