Patients are reportedly dying at one of Zimbabwe’s referral hospitals as doctors are failing to carry out life saving surgical operations due to the recently introduced electricity load shedding by ZESA.

The Zesa power outage situation has been worsened by acute fuel shortages in the country which has left hospital officials battling to acquire diesel or petrol for generators.

A top government official told ZW News that patients admitted in Intensive Care Unit section at Bindura Hospital are feared dead after doctors failed to carry out operations due to power outages over the weekend.

The official who declined to be named on professional grounds, however refused to disclose any numbers.

The revelation set to send shockwaves among citizens comes at a time another anonymous message has been circulating on social media pointing to a host of challenges bedeviling #Bindura Hospital.

The unedited report below reads,

“Good morning. As a result of load shedding, the situation at Bindura hospital is unbearable. All operations can’t be done because of non availability of power.

“The life support system in neonatal ward for preterm babies is dependent upon power which is not there. Our generator which is our only back up has run out of diesel.

“Yesterday I pleaded with Puma service station here in Bindura for us to buy diesel for our generators only to be told by the manager that diesel is for farmers. As we speak everything is down and yet we are supposed to save lives.

“It is sad that those that are supposed to assist us have not considered the hospital as an essential services provider and yet we all know we can not experiment with human life. I’m appealing to those that make decisions whether they are on this platform or otherwise to prioritise your Bindura hospital.

“It pains us to watch helplessly someone loosing life and yet as key stakeholders have the potential to avoid that.
I hope this plea will get to those that can assist.
Thank you”