Former ZANU PF National Commissar Saviour Kasukuwere appeared this morning at Rotten Row Magistrate Courts in Harare after an arrest warrant was issued against him following his return from exile.

He is facing allegations of border jumping after his escape to South Africa via Mozambique when Mugabe was ousted by Zimbabwe military in November 2017.

The court adjourned after Saviour Kasukuwere pleaded not guilty to border jumping and was granted $300 bail.

He is due to appear in court for trail on 11 June 2018.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Moyo has questioned the selective application of law in Zimbabwe:

“Why was Mnangagwa not charged for violating immigration laws on 6 Nov 2017 when he jumped the border with an LV briefcase & thousands of dollars? Instead he’s been boasting about it & recommending border jumping as a prerequisite for the presidency!,” he said.