Bona’s baby Pictures, ‘Named Simbanashe Chikore,’ Mugabe’s Grandson: PHOTOS

photos of bonas baby simbanashe chikore


Here are the photos of Bona Mugabe’s baby son Simbanashe Chikore. President Mugabe was pictured with his grandson for the first time while his wife Grace and daughter Bona Chikore Mugabe watched his shacky hands like hawks at their family hideout in Singapore. exclusively revealed that Bona’s baby boy was named Simba Gabriel Chikore and it turn out to be.

Here are the photos. The head looks like Mugabe.. and hear are the pictures

Mugabe’s grandson is flying to Zimbabwe tomorrow with the rest of the family.


photos of bonas baby simbanashe chikore
bona’s baby simbanashe chikore



bona's baby simbanashe chikore
mugabe and grandson



pics mugabe's grandson simbanashe chikore
bona’s baby boy



pictures of bona's baby simbanashe chikore
bona’s baby photo