Media personality Bonang Matheba has been making all sorts of headlines with her alleged pregnancy after viral pictures flooded social media. In the wake of the daring allegations, she rubbished the claims that she is pregnant. She has it that it’s not a ‘bump’ that was merely the result of a wrong camera angle.

The viral picture flooded social media after her cousin Pinky Girl posted a snap of the two of them – and Bonang’s stomach appeared to have a little bump. Bonang said she had just had a tequila when the picture was taken from the wrong angle. She said she was just out having fun with friends at a restaurant. Bonang revealed:

“I’m not pregnant Bathong! I just had a tequila for crying out loud!”

Rumour mill has it that Bonang has a lot happening for her at the moment, and the last thing she needs is to be pregnant.

“She is super busy this time of the year, and people are happy there are too many celebrations happening around, and she has many appearances to make. I don’t think having a child is an option.”

iS Bonang Matheba Pregnancy?

In the mix of things, one of her friends added that Bonang would only have a child later in life because she is currently busy. However, the source also told Zimoja that even though Queen B has been linked to one of the famous DJs, she is not planning on settling down anytime soon.

“[Queen Bee] is self sufficient and wants to be on top of her game all the time, She is well travelled and too ambitious and her brand is still relevant. She will probably have a child or children later in her life just like the likes of Naomi Campbell and other successful women.”