Movement for Democratic Change Alliance vice president Tendai Biti has been freed on Z$10,000 bail after being charged with assault.

Biti was arrested yesterday after a Russian woman reported him to the police claiming that the MDC Alliance vice president had called her “stupid, very stupid.

Meanwhile, the Russian woman confirmed that there was no physical contact between the two, but said Biti ‘violently pointed finger’ at her and called her ‘stupid’. Tatiana Aleshina claims its gender violence.

The MDC-A vice president has described the charges as ridiculous, saying how can it be classified as assault when there was no physical contact between him and the complainant.

“I am being charged with the most spurious, the most desperate of all charges. It is said I called someone an idiot and that is said to be an assault,” he said.

Biti’s trial has been set for January 18.