Shakespeare Muzavazi

Great Zimbabwe University(GZU) students have come out guns blazing at the university’s vice Chancellor threatening to strike a violent demonstration if the tertiary institution does not take cognisance of student concerns.

In an open letter given by Tatenda Nyoka a former Secretary General of the GZU Student Representative Council, Nyoka has given the tertiary institution an ultimatum to solve all the challenges being faced by student before he and other student engage in a violent demonstration against the university’s vice chancellor Prof Rungano Zvogbo.

The open letter circulating on almost every GZU student Whatsapp group has created a tense atmosphere at the tertiary institution.

Nyoka’s open letter reads as follows, “Open letter to the Great Zimbabwe University Executive Staff particularly for the Vice Chancellor, we have wrote many letters concerning the fall of attachment fees, the dismissal of students from lectures over tuition fees and transport issues.

“You as the Chancellor have been showing negligence, we have appealed several times through the right channels but nothing has come to fruition, the situation at the University is becoming dire and dire.

“If the aforementioned issues are not addressed by the 24th of March we are going to engage in a violent demonstration and you should note that this is your last warning,” read the open letter.

This threat comes after ZICOSU Masvingo chapter chairperson Tapiwa Marongere vehemently attacked Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo for his unbridled avarice and corruption as far as handling student affairs is concerned.