South Africa: Zimbabwe businessman Bheki Ndlovu who was recently fatally shot after a hired assassin called him by name at a busy petrol station was a target of insult and humiliation by his cheating wife who has been dating UK Jabulani Ncube.

Ndlovu’s wife, Nomazwe Ndlovu is reported to have been a serial cheat and her illicit affair culminated in her husband’s death.

Sex tapes of Nomazwe and her love have been found.

In an interview conducted, two family members revealed that they had in their possession sex videos of Nomazwe’s escapades. They also added that Jabulani had received death threats from his estranged wife a week before the shooting.

As it is, we have 66 sex videos where she recorded herself cheating on him with this man called Jabu (Jabulani Ncube aka Christopher Tshabalala). We think this illicit relationship with Jabu was the most troublesome on their marriage. She did not just cheat with him, around 2017 she cheated on him with a pastor from a local church (name supplied) who committed suicide after their illicit affair was exposed. I think our son was a victim of loving a woman who didn’t love him. He loved his wife but she never loved him.

Just a week ago he received a message from his wife. She claimed that it was going to be either Bheki or her who would die. We have the threatening message. We haven’t been able to talk to our daughter-in-law since his death.

They said their in-laws have not even visited their home to pay condolences after Bheki was shot dead.

Our daughter-in-law’s mother just said she would only come when his body arrives which is very strange as we were not fighting with them.

I was sex starved: Nomazwe

In an interview conducted by the Chronicle, Nomazwe exonerated herself from the murder accusations and claimed that the now deceased was a womaniser and she was, in fact, the victim in the whole equation.

My husband discovered the affair sometime in 2018 and he told me to stop the affair. I never stopped the affair, my late husband instituted divorce proceedings but he later withdrew them as he said I had been forgiving him for multiple affairs since 1997 and had been patient with him.

In 1997 he was cheating with Sibonokuhle Ncube, when I confronted him, he beat me up for calling his girlfriend. In 1999 he was dating Sokuluhle Ndlovu who stayed in Tshabalala and was a teacher at a primary school in Tsholotsho. When I confronted him, he beat me up and stabbed me with a screwdriver

Even the time when he instituted divorce we continued staying together and slept together as husband and wife. The time I met Chris, it was during trying times as I had stayed with my husband for a year without sex.

In her defence, Nomazwe claimed that because of the nature of her late husband’s job, he had made a lot of enemies in South Africa who might have wanted to kill him. She also furnished the publication with details that the now deceased would always move around with an armed escort whenever he moved around the streets of Hillbrow.

I went for an interview at Hillbrow police station as my late husband’s family told them I killed my husband and after questioning and checking my phone I was told to go home. I was not arrested for killing my husband and I did not kill my husband