SCORES of residents from Beitbridge’s oldest suburb, Dulivhadzimu were left counting their losses yesterday when flash floods hit the area.

Cars were submerged in the sudden flooding while roads and buildings were severely damaged.

The Meteorological Services Department (MSD) yesterday said Beitbridge was among the areas that received significant downpours on Sunday.

The border town recorded 76mm within 24 hours.

The worst affected area in the border town was the old long distance bus terminus which is located in a low-lying area in WaMlala Stream where there are flea markets operators and hawkers.

A distraught, Ms Thulani Moyo, a flea market operator in the area said she lost valuable stock and a tent worth more than R2 000.

“After setting up my table, I went home and when I came back later everything had been washed away by the heavy rains.

“This is sad and we are appealing to council to find a lasting solution to drainage problems in this area as you can see it’s located in a low-lying area,” she said.

Another trader, identified only as John said his wares, mostly clothing items, had also been washed away.

Mr Brighton Chivhoko who runs a pay toilet in the area said he witnessed five vehicles that were submerged in water behind his building.

“The vehicles were only pulled out of the water when the levels had gone down. When we realised the water levels were rising, we rushed to higher ground for our safety,” he said.

Cars submerged after floods hit Dulivhadzimu suburb in Beitbridge yesterday

Mr Chivhoko also said there is urgent need for council to attend to the drainages system in the border town.

The local Civil Protection Unit (CPU)’s focal person from the District Development Coordinator’s (DDC) office, Mr Jahson Mugodzwa said they were on high alert following the flash floods.

He said the committee had identified several places of safety should the need for evacuations arise and these include churches and schools.

Beitbridge Mayor Councillor Munyaradzi Chitsunge said the rains have destroyed roads while sand has also blocked sewer pipes.

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