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Bashed hubby takes combative wife to court

Tino Choga

At the time most men are yet to come out and admit being beaten by their wives, a Harare man shocked people when he told a court that his wife was physically abusing him, resulting in him deserting his home.

In some African cultures which are predominantly patriarchal, men suffer domestic violence and abuses from wives in silent as it is deemed a weakness on their part, but, not for Nicholas Mukundwa who recently told a court that he was a victim of beatings and verbal attacks from his wife Jane Mawarire.

Mukundwa approached the Harare Civil Courts wanting a peace order against his wife, he told the court that he has since left home for that reason, but the wife phoned and followed him again.

He said whenever he comes home late the wife would turn violent demanding to know why.

“Despite the fact that she knows very well that my type of job requires me to travel a lot as people may hire me to ferry their goods with my truck, she still demand to know where I had been and why I was late,” the court heard.

He added that his wife was so abusive to the extent that even when he receives a phone call she can take him to task wanting to know who had called, and that such behaviour led him to leave home, leaving her alone and that he now want a divorce.

His wife however, said there were always fighting with her husband because he was not honesty whose movements she fails to understand.

“I don’t understand his movements that’s why I am so strict about where he travels and why he come home late. I usually receive calls from his girlfriends, to the extent that I should have been the one to approach this honourable court seeking peace order.

“At times it is because I would be worried about his safety, since the nature of his job may expose him to various situations,” said Mawarire.

The presiding magistrate Yeukai Dzuda gave Mukundwa a peace order against his abusive wife.


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