Auxillia Mnangagwa, wife to Zimbabwe’s vice president raised eyebrows at the recent Zanu PF Women’s Conference when she turned up without wearing the popular outfit with the president’s face.

Critics were quick to point out that she does not have any respect for Mugabe as her preferred dressing made a very clear and strong statement.

A picture taken showing Mrs Mnangagwa greeting Zimbabwe First Lady,  Grace Mugabe, left many wondering if she was trying to draw attention to herself or was just there to show Grace that ‘she only has one man in her life that she respects, Emmerson Mnangagwa, her husband.’

The Mnangagwas are currently locked in a bitter power struggle against a faction supported by Grace Mugabe.

President Mugabe is now old and past retirement age causing his subordinates to plot against each other as they fight to replace him in the near future.

The recent women’s conference is part of endless party indabas designed to steady and control party members as they get unsettled over President Mugabe’s succession issue.

Mugabe is the only leader the party has known for close to fifty years making it difficult for the revolutionary organisation to remain united as the centre of power is about to depart for the first time, for good.