Political analyst Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya says authoritarian regimes are allergic to the fourth industrial revolution, innovation and the digital revolution.

He says they fear these digital innovations break the bonds of authoritarian rule never mind the positive impact on the economy.

Ruhanya adds that the admixture of social media and political dissidence has thrown many governments in a ceaseless panic, reflected in the raft of legislation enacted to control and constrain cyber activities. – Matsilele and Ruhanya 2020 (Media, Culture and Society Vol 43, Issue 2).

“Social media, on the other hand, is a fairly recent tool of communication defined by its heightened ductility in the hands of users.

“Huntington’s (1957:7-8) concept of the military professionalism in The Soldier and the State, stresses that civilian control mandates that no political role, no matter how responsible should be allowed for the military.”

Apparently, there has been calls by some ruling party ZANU PF legislators for government to make law that regulate social media use, citing abuse.