FORMER Zimbabwe Republic Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri is embroiled in a child maintenance row that has seen him accused of falling into arrears amounting to US$240 000.

Dr Chihuri is said to have abandoned his daughter, Shanine Mthimkhulu, who was born on July 3, 2009. His mistress Sithulisiwe Mthimukulu, a police officer, has approached a Bulawayo magistrate seeking an order to compel Dr Chihuri to cough up US$240 000.

 The matter will be heard next week on Monday.

Ms Mthimukulu’s lawyer, Mr Godfrey Nyoni of Messrs Moyo and Nyoni Legal Practitioners, yesterday confirmed that his client was entangled in a maintenance dispute with Dr Chihuri.

“I am not be able to give you all the details off hand since I am at church until Tuesday but, yes, it’s the former police chief who is involved in the maintenance case. He hasn’t been paying towards the upkeep of his child,” he said.

Mr Nyoni said Dr Chihuri was supposed to pay US$3 655 per term for school fees, US$349 in monthly medical aid, and US$650 as monthly maintenance. He did not say when the ex-police chief started defaulting.

Dr Chihuri retired from service in December 2017.

In a notice published in the national media last Friday, Mr Nyoni said: “Take notice that on the 9th day of April 2018 at 8am, an application shall be heard wherein applicant will be seeking an order for lump sum maintenance in the sum of US$240 000 and for the minor child Shanine Mthimukulu.

 “Further take notice that if you desire to oppose her application, you will need to file your opposing papers before the above stated date and to appear before the magistrate for an inquiry into the above claim. If you do not file any opposing papers or appear in court an order shall be granted against you for the above amount and costs.”

Dr Chihuri has not responded to the court application. state media