Transform Zimbabwe leader, Jacob Ngarivhume has called on the main opposition, Movement for Democratic Change-Alliance leadership to lead peaceful demonstrations against corruption and for the restoration of democracy.

He says it is high time the opposition finish the corruption fight they started last year.

“In 12 days we must launch our own operation to restore democracy; to root out corrupt elements in government and bring an end to human rights violations,” he says.

Ngarivhume adds that the main opposition party, should lead a peaceful demonstration against corruption.

“I sincerely hope at this crucial moment the MDC-A leadership will seriously consider joining hands to lead the people in a peaceful demonstration to save a nation,” he says.

Ngarivhume adds that it is worrying to note that in November 2017 the army launched operation restore legacy to root out corrupt elements around late former president Robert Mugabe, but corruption and human rights violations have increased exponentially.