HAS Archford Gutu deserted the team of young footballers, which he took to Dubai, in a trip of shame which is now dominating headlines?

The former Warriors midfielder is reported to have deserted his wife, and the team of youthful footballers, who have been stuck in Dubai since March.

Gutu is believed to have given one of the youngsters’ passports, as security to health officials who work at the hospital where his wife, Mona Dube, gave birth.

“Archford disappeared and his whereabouts in Dubai are not known,” said a parent of one of the stranded youngsters.

“One Zimbabwean volunteered to provide accommodation for players and Archford took the opportunity to disappear.

“His wife Mona is claiming ignorance of his whereabouts.

“The other children are yet to receive their passports taken by hotel authorities after he failed to settle accommodation bills.

“They squandered money and are continuing to scam other parents in Zimbabwe promising them that there are teams interested in their sons, as a way of raising money to settle his debts,” said a parent, whose son is among those stranded in Dubai.

Gutu took 17 players to Dubai under his academy and now eight are stranded after he failed to manage funds paid for the trip.