The Angolan government has dropped the case in 34 of the 103 protesters and has since charged the remaining 74 at “Palacio Dona Ana Joaquim in Luanda last evening Sunday 1st November 2020.

The prosecutors have since declared not guilty the 34 men, women and children but has since charged 74 protesters 200 000 00kz for having resisted and burnt tyres and injured police officers who tried to stop them on Saturday 24th October 2020.

The protestors were represented by 45 volunteer lawyers who worked day and night in the past eight days for the sake of justice.

The constitution of Angola (CRA) in its 47 the law grants the liberty to protest against any injustice .

The youths who were protesting against bad governance, lack of employment, the implementation of local government and by-elections promised by the president in his campaign manifesto and the destitution of the electoral commissioner who is partisan.

On the 23rd of October, the president after a futile negotiation and intimidations to the youths through the police commander released a presidential decree at 19 hours and would enter into effect 5 hours later.

This saw the protesters not obeying such injustice laws that only benefited the ruling party MPLA.

Among the protestors were 2 minors aged 13 and 17, 2 pregnant women coming from antenatal clinics and 12 journalists from different media houses were also arrested in the process.

-Local media