CONTROVERSIAL Zimbabwe singer Andy Muridzo was left helpless yesterday after he was caught in the act and bashed over a married woman identified as Itai in Waterfalls, this was after an unknown source snitched and called Lenon Zaranyika(the husband) to rush home and see for himself. It seems like this relationship had been going on for a long time until yesterday.

The enraged husband stormed the lover’ hideout armed with a pistol and it took armed Harare police officers to restrain Lenon.

In an interview, Muridzo cries that he was seriously hurt though there was no way that he could fight the angry husband back because he was armed.

“I was caught unaware and severely beaten, I thought of fighting back nekuti ummmmm  zvibhakera zvacho zvairwadza problem munhu wacho angaine pfuti.

To be honest with you l was not aware that this woman was married and we were about to have some drinks with my friends”, said Baba Keketso.

The friends whom he was talking about were Simba the Lion and Queen who claim to have had no choice and however escaped and ran away with their lives just as soon as Lenon had just stepped into the room.Well, Andy was left alone to face his troubles.

“Mdara ndasvetuka nepaDurawall zvandsiri kutombonzwisisa up to now kuti zvaitika sei,” said Simba.

Queen could not be reached for comments by the time when this story was written.

Meanwhile, the married woman Itai, confirmed she was cheating though tried to justify her actions saying that the reason why she was doing such shameful acts was because her husband was denying her conjugal rights for a long time now so she felt it was necessary for her to take care of her needs.

“After all iwewe Lenon you have been cheating on me all along ndakambomarova here maGirlfriend ako !?? said Itai.

She said she no longer had anything to hide about her marriage.

Lenon says he did not deny her “bedroom time but was forced out of his marital home because of his wife’s shenanigans.”

Surprisingly, at first, Baba Keketso had denied his relationship with Itai to  Lenon, but Itai confirmed it.