African National Congress (ANC) Secretary-General Ace Magashule recently met with senior G40 leaders, Saviour Kasukuwere, Walter Muzembi and Patrick Zhuwao, much to the displeasure of ZANU-PF.

ZANU-PF which has been pushing the SA government to hand over members of the G40 to the Zimbabwean authorities has complained about the meeting.

An unforgiving President Emmerson Mnangagwa few months ago said he had secured an extradition treaty with South Africa and will soon evoke the order to bring home his G40 rivals based in that country to face prosecution on corruption charges.

Meanwhile, the SA authorities seem not willing to hand them over, it is feared if extradited, G40 members would be persecuted by the Mnangagwa regime.

Apparently, reports are that the ANC leadership has told ZANU-PF officials it will continue to meet with any Zimbabweans who are legally in South Africa whether ZANU-PF like it or not, just like it did with Mnangagwa when he fled from Mugabe after his sacking.

ZANU-PF has also protested why ANC was not reining in militant SA opposition EFF leader Julius Malema who is critical of Mnangagwa.

However, ANC said it won’t muzzle Malema as that is not possible in a democracy.

-Newshawks/ Zwnews