During this weekend’s Ivyson Tour at Emperor’s Palace, popular YouTube vlogger King Oumar interviewed several artists backstage and did a drip check with a few of them.

When he pulled AKA to the side, Oumar managed to get AKA to talk him through his outfit and how much each item costs.

The “Lemons (Lemonade)” hitmaker started by showing off his shoes, a pair of Jordan 3s that he said cost him between R6 000 and R7 000.

“And then we got some pants, these are just some Fashion Nova jeans,” he said. “What’s that like R2K? Then I got The North Face and Kaws collab, that’s about R12 000. The Cultis T-shirt, that was for free.”

AKA then moved on to his jewellery, starting with his diamond encrusted Rolex watch which he says goes for roughly R250 000. Next up was his bedazzled set of grillz, which set him back a cool R65 000.

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“The shades, that’s 500 bucks, imagine that,” he added. In total, by his estimation, his outfit was worth around R336 500.

After wrapping up the drip check, AKA revealed that his album would be coming out next year.

“Make sure you go and get the album on the 27th of January, it’s called “Mass Country”. We’re gonna run the country in 2023 and beyond.”

Later on in the vlog, Oumar spoke to the likes of Sjava, Lucas Raps, Lexleo DrSmile and Cassper Nyovest.

After a drip check, which estimated Cassper’s jewellery alone cost over R4 million, the “Summer Love” star boasted about the success of his alcohol brand, Billiato.

“Billiato is doing so well,” he said. “Shout out to everyone who’s drinking Billiato. As far as sales for liqueurs and tequila, we moved from the eighth to the third most bought in the country and it’s our first year. People are showing love, and I appreciate it. And I own this s***.”